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I see many people still coming over here! Please check out my new blog witj new recipes at ! I’ll be glad to welcome you over there and talk about our favorite meals! Please leave a message when you stop over there 😉 You’re missing these Delightful recipes Hurry 😉 Geplaatst met WordPress voor … More New blog

Turkey Roulade

Originally posted on BBQ Bastard:
I finally got to fire up my new Black Bastard Kamado! It has been a long time waiting for the last parts but today was a great occasion for a lovely maiden run: my wife’s birthday! We invited some friends for dinner and they helped me out giving her a…

Cold Smoked Butter

First attempt to make cold smoked butter with my cold smoker! Used a mix from apple (¾) and mesquite wood (¼). I’m planning a session from about 2 hours! Hope it will work well because I need it to be good for my evening dinner which will follow up here! Any suggestions?

Tjoppie Doppie Support

Congratulations to my friend from the Tjoppie Doppie team for their performance at W.E.S.T. (winter extreme south tirol) bbq contest! Winner for chicken. Third place potatoes and cheese and 8th Overall! They are taking the short track to the top since it’s their second participation at a contest ever!

Discount at Le Creuset! Bought some stuff today 🙂 Seems to fit well on my Black Bastard Kamado (Large)

Finally got my platesetter! Now waiting till I get the rest of the materials I need to make him really black…

Leftover cooking: Homemade sausage rolls with Sweet Dalton smoked Honey bbq sauce! Delicious! Also made a toast burger with the leftovers of the leftovers 🙂

Hot sugar apple from the black bastard Kamado! Good dessert after the salmon sunday.