Who’s Curious?

End Sear-1674I see you are! No worries I won’t keep you waiting verry long. I have something to celebrate. I saw some growing interest in my humble blog so I started looking around and talking with some big guys in “the scene”. I have to thank Noskos from BBQ-NL and BBQ-Tales. He has been a great help and source of inspiration (the last for some years now).

What could it be, what could it be that big mystery? Well I have been working on a new domain improving this blog even more (at least I hope). Noskos explained me some advantages on moving to my own domain. They sounded good so I followed his advice. I’m happy with the result so far! But some things I still have to find out about. For instance how I could link this blog to my new domain. It really won’t work. So I hope you all follow over to my new domain to stay tuned for more smoking delights. For now I have been reposting some older recipes but I have planned some new (more pizza, reverse sear, …). They will be posted in between reblogging some older recipes. I tried to export the old ones into my new blog, but they didn’t seem to fit the new lay-out…

I even added a new section “Start 2 BBQ” to add some information about starting with BBQ and smoking. I also intend to post more about music and photography. I kind of missed these posts over here… Therefore I also saved some space for these “Around the Pit” passions of mine.

Please let me know what you think of www.thebbqbastard.com. I would be glad welcoming you over there!
BTW: please spread the word! I would appreciate some help in generating traffic to my new domain.


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