A story about passion…

I don’t think I need to tell the story  of my live over here? Or did you expect me to do this? What you need to know is the reason why I started another foodblog… I know there are lots of them… Bigger, more professional, … All true! I honestly look up at the big boys! Not because I want to be like them but because they share the things they love! That is the reason why I started a Tumblr account last november… I wanted to share the things I love.

The reason behind this has something to do with my work. I work in a psychiatric hospital as “applied psychologist” where I speak about positive psychology. One of the things that’s proven to be working effectively on preventing depressions is giving attention to the things you like, expanding the moment and share it with others… “Practice what you preach” is important for me. Thereby I came up with the idea to keep an online diary with things I’m proud of. I started “writing” in english and kept the whole thing secret for a long time. Somehow I was a little bit ashamed of keeping a blog… Let alone in english…

This was one of my first posts.

Recently I discovered more people than expected were following the fast shared content I posted, but only a few could interact… Moreover I realised the posts about BBQ were more appreciated than the other things I posted. Realising this encouraged me to expand and improve my blog so I came up here telling who I am and what I’m doing here.

As you probably would have distracted by now is that I share some passion for BBQ, smoking, … Nevertheless I need to tell you I’m no expert at all. My story started +/- 5 years ago when my lady’s grandmother donated a Weber Kettle BBQ as housewarming present. Up till then I knew nothing about cooking… I was looking around to get to know the BBQ and talked with my colleague Birger (now getting high scores with Tjoppie Doppie BBQ team) about my first experiments. His stories were stimulating to go further and he showed me some good spots to learn more about it… Now 5 years later I can say I’m a little bit addicted and geared up… Tell you later about my gear but here’s my most recent addition (unpacked and used frequently by now):

Black Bastard Large

Besides a passion for BBQ I’m also a proud father of two little rebels, which I raise with my lovely wife. They are a great support but also making me prepare other meals than I would do for myself. Though their taste sometimes sets limits to my possibilities, it’s also inspiring to be creative on the other hand! Maybe I would have ended up with making more American style bbq otherwise…

Last passion you need to know about is my passion for music… I know I will not be able not to say anything about music on this blog… So I think I must warn you from the beginning. I grew up listening to punk and metal. Luckely for me I opened up my narrow vision and discovered a big source of art. Nowadays I listen to different genres (more than I can explain so you’ll have to discover later on I guess).

Seems like I said a lot by now… More than I intended to write. If you missed out something or want to know more about me: feel free to ask! I would be glad to answer to most questions!

Have fun reading!



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