Double seared cote a l’os


This present awaited me for fathers day. My family know they do me a great favour bringing some meat to prepare and experiment with. I tried the reverse sear method once before and it worked pretty well. This time I wanted to try out the double sear method I read about in the book “Hete kolen” (dutch book about kamado cooking).

I set up my large black bastard for indirect grilling and removed the platesetter when temperature hit 140°C. I wanted to test if the temperature would be high enough to sear (though I had my doubts).


My expectations were right (unfortunately …) so I skipped the initial sear. Next time I fire up one of my other bbq’s for searing… I put the platesetter back on its place and put my meal on top of it. This way my whole meal could be prepared at once! This worked pretty well so I had some time for aperitif while waiting 🙂


Meanwhile I trusted my termometer to check the temperature. Everything went well but I had my doubts about the temperature. Poking the meat gave other signals than the temperature at the display… Nevertheless I trusted the machine (although I knew it failed before …) and removed the meat at 48°C and prepared for end sear. So far so good I thought…


After unpacking the meat my doubts about the internal temperature got stronger… I tried to sear it anyway. I didn’t dare to sear the normal period. Luckely I removed the meat on time since the result was a bit too far on one half of the cote a l’os. The other half was better but not as I wanted it to be …


The Possibilities I see:

  • Cote a l’os was cut unequally?
  • Thermometer went wrong ?
  • The meat pulled together and cooked unequally?

Hope some of you have some suggestions? Post them here I’ll be glad to read!

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