Atomic Gin Recipe

A hot spring evening and looking for some cooldown. All day long I’ve been longing for the moment to come home and relax with a tasteful drink. Knowing I have some great belgian gin at home… I promised earlier to write some more about how I experienced the tasting so here it is (note: I just like gin but know way to less about it to pretend you should rely on my opinion):

I heard a lot of good things about this gin before the taste but have to admit those positive feedback came from people who knew the distillers. That caused me to be careful with my expectations. I started tasting the gin pure and was slightly amazed by the powerful soft spicy taste. The taste travels around in the mouth and ends with a fresh lemon key filling the mouth.

The Gin can be bought with a box of 10 botanicals (rose, juniper, lavender, ginger, orange zeste, …) to combine with your gin. I’m not really used to combine those botanicals so I stayed with the ones I knew a bit better to begin with. This was the recipe for my gin :


  • 8 ml Atomic Gin
  • 15 ml. Fever tree ginger ale (ran out of tonic… won‘t happen again)
  • Slice of lime
  • Some Juniper


It tasted good but in my opinion the ginger ale softened the flavours of the gin too much… Nevertheless this was a fresh and tasteful aperitif.

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