Slow smoked bacon


You’re right if you say bacon always tastes great but there is so much possibilities to make bacon taste even better! As I experienced while searching my favorite preparation: Time is flavour! The more time you take to prepare your bacon the better it gets. Here is how I made my last bacon (and for now my best). I used this bacon in my Beet Root Salad and Improved Asparagus Pasta.


1. First you start by curing the bacon in a dry salt mix for 2 days (or longer) (Bacon cure)

2. Rinse the bacon thoroughly and pat it dry. You’ll see the juices drip out of it and know the flavours will pull in.

3. Let the bacon rest for another day (or 2) before you start preparing your bacon. You will feel the bacon became firmer due to the salt cure.

4. Start your smoker or Kamado at low temperature. The lower you go the longer it takes but the better the result. Here I smoked the bacon with a mixture of oak and jack daniels wood for 3hrs. at 150°C. I did it before at 110°C for 5hrs. too… I place the bacon with pork rind on top. This way the tasteful fat can drip all over it.

AsI heard you can prick some holes in the pork rind and rub it with vinegar and salt to get a crackling when you sear the rind over hot fire. I tried this some time ago. It seemed to work but I forgot to try it again. Someone has more tips to create crackling?

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