Asparagus Pasta (with Bacon)

Asparagus pasta with bacon and mushroom (vegetarians: drop the bacon): 

This is a really simple recipe with lots of flavour and a perfect excuse to smoke some extra bacon! I experimented a little with this to get the right flavours! My wife approved the result, so that’s a good sign.


– 10 stumps asparagus

– 2 shallots

– 2 bowls of mushroom

– 300 gr. smoked bacon

– Pasta

– Parmezan cheese

– Pepper and salt

– a leaf of laurel

– Garlic

– Thyme


1. Peel the asparagus and break the foot off. Cook them for about 6 minutes (al dente)

2. bake the smoked bacon and place them aside

3. meanwhile cut the shallots in small pieces and crush the garlic. Let them both stove and add the mushrooms, thyme and laurel.

4. Put the mushroom mixture aside and colour the cooked asparagus in browned butter

5. Put all ingredients back in the pan and add the cooked pasta to the vegetables and bacon.

6. Finish with parmesan cheese.

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