Broccoli stuffed Meatballs

I Had some time last night! What better to do than fire up the Black Bastard and try some new balls… This time I Stuffed them with broccoli roses and glazed them with homemade bbq sauce. I used some Killer hogs bbq rub to flavour the meat. I got this idea from where some people made it with whole Broccoli’s. That looked like overkill to me so I made this “mini” version.


1. Fire up the kamado (or weber) for indirect grilling at 150°C

2. Slightly cook the broccoli roses but make sure they still have some bite! Cool them down as fast as possible

3. Meanwhile mix 2 tbsp of bbq rub with 900 gr. of meat (50 pork/50 cow), add some salt and pepper and nutmeg.

4. wrap the meat around the broccoli roses.

5. Put the balls on the kamado and ad some oak wood (or other wood if you prefer).

6. The balls will take some time (depending on how big they are). Mine needed 1.5h. I glazed them with some home made bbq sauce in the last 40 min. (each 10 min.)

7. Enjoy

Here are some pictures of the process:

In my opinion I made another version of thes broccoli balls earlier on that were better than these. I forgot to write out the recipe but here are some pictures for those who are interested. They were made by mixing broccoli, manchego cheese, St. Bernardus cheese and nuts as filling.

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