Fall of the bone Babyback Ribs with Homemade BBQ Sauce

I’m getting back in action after a busy period! My garden needed some attention. This way I had some time to prepare some fall of the bone pork ribs and try out 2 Rubs I earlier! I prepared my ribs in a 2-2-1 session on my black bastard!



Start rubbing the baby back ribs an hour before you’ll start preparing. Meanwhile you can fire up the Q at 110°C. Once you’ve got the fire on throw in some chunks of cherry wood. Wait a moment till the smoke has a blue tint. Once you see the smoke turning blue you can put the ribs in the Q for a 2 hr. smoking session. To make sure you end up with a nice smoke ring all the way round your ribs you can place them like this:

As you can see, it’s never a wrong time to smoke some extra bacon! Thanks to Ikea and some attentive bbq fans for pointing out these fine rib racks! After 2 hrs. of smoke it’s time to moisturize the ribs. Some people spray them with applejuice/whiskey. I tend to use Ricard instead of Whiskey since the anise strengthens the meat flavour. I don’t spray it either but I fill a fireproof oven scale with a little of the juice, put in the slabs and let them steam for 2 hrs. wrapped in foil.

The last thing to do is unwrap the ribs and put them back on the grill for another hour. In this stage you can baste them with BBQ sauce. Repeat this every 15 minutes for a nice glaze. Once you’re ready a simply tear them of the bone like this:

As you can see the pink in the picture the meat is super tender and moist. The pink you see are parts of the smoke ring! The result was great taste especially those with the killer hogs bbq rub!! Nice to end a productive day! Those who are interested in the bacon. This is why I made it.

Enjoy cooking and don’t forget to share the results! I’m open for reactions and hope you’ll share or like this post if you appreciated reading!

BTW: I don’t earn money by promoting these rubs. I just use try them and give my honest opinion about them.


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