Homesmoked Chili Powder

This post was made in the beginning of my “blog carreer” when I posted some stuff on tumblr. The basic instructions coming along were a bit shamefull. I’ll try to bring a summary of how I made this Smoked Chili Powder. As you can see the pictures the pictures I made were a little bit embarrasing but they give an idea (and represent how I made that post before…).

Last year I wanted to start gardening and decided to grow some vegetables in flowerpots. Along zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes I bought a Griller Chili plant to grow. The result was far better than I expected. You can see most of the peppers I harvested in the picture below:

You can see them lined up and ready for the smoking procedure. Since it were my first chili peppers I wanted to do something special with them so I decided to smoke and dry them for Smoked Chili Powder. They took me some time but the result was superb! I used vines to smoke them for 8 hrs. at 90 ºC (194 ºF).

The picture above was taken at the beginning of the smoking process. Afterwards I discovered I should have cut some holes in the chili’s to speed up the drying. Then again I would have less fun longing for them. They looked like this when they came out of the smoker after 8hrs.

Only remaining thing to do now is removing the stems and blend them to powder! Be careful while doing this! You should wear gloves and watch out for the eyes! You don’t want to get some chili in the eyes!

Please leave a message if you have some questions or could give me some advice. I like interaction.
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